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Apple-Bacon Galette

Glorious Bacon...who doesn't love bacon? In this day-and-age, we're all trying to cut down on fatty foods; but cutting down on bacon, is the hardest thing to do. Do not even go out for 'breakfast', if you're going to skip bacon!

 Breakfast is so complete with a side of couple slices of bacon...crispy, crunchy and beautiful bacon!

What is there not to like about American Bacon? it because it's 'pork'...or is it because it's fatty?...actually when you fry or bake it real crispy, you release all the fat grease and that's when you enjoy the best part about the yummy crispy bacon.
Of course, you cansubstitute turkey bacon, which is less calories and fat and you get to enjoy all the benefits of bacon inspired creations.

If you love bacon, I really suggest you check out the March issue of Food Network's all about BACON; which is the Bacon Issue!

For the recipe, which the only adaptation I made was...I sprinkled Turbinado sugar …

Chicken Cutlets with Radicchio and Tangerine Salad

I'm finally coming around...and actually posting foods; not that I haven't been cooking its just that I did not feel like taking photos of it. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and here in South Florida, we have huge celebrations, which started a week before, in different sections of Palm Beach County, each day. I have not been to any of these events for years... because there's usually a huge crowd of people and you cannot find parking space, unless you're willing to pay $10. for parking.

Everybody that joins the celebration, will be wearing 'green color' I am, today, and tomorrow. On St. Patrick's Day here in the U.S. everybody is IRISH! I haven't met an Irish person that I didn't like...they are such great people; friendly, outgoing, and hard working Irish-Americans!

One day in the near future, I would love to visit Ireland
and see the beautiful Emerald Isle...the rolling green hills, overlooking the beautiful sea, and visit an authentic Ir…


Juno Beach Art Festival, March 9, 2014...Elderly folks lined up on the bench, enjoying the ocean view!


Florida WALMART...where else?